Pastore LLC Welcomes Summer Class

On Thursday, May 18th, Pastore LLC welcomed our summer class to the firm.

Garrett Borden has returned to the office as a Summer Associate. He started with Pastore as a Law Clerk in January of 2023. He took a break for his finals at Quinnipiac University School of Law and to relocate to New Haven, Connecticut. He will be full time for the summer.

Dana Gour joined us as a Summer Associate. She completed her first year of law school at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. She graduated from Rutgers University in January 2022. She is involved in multiple organizations at Pace, including the Intellectual Property Student Organization.

Emily DiGiacomo joined us a Summer Associate. Emily completed her first year of law school at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. She graduated from the University of Connecticut in August 2022. She is involved in the National Environmental Moot Court Competition at Pace as well as many other organizations.

Hayley McBryan joined us a Summer Associate. She completed her first year of law school at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. She graduated from the University of South Carolina in August 2022. She is involved in the Environmental Law Society at Pace.

Pastore LLC has also welcomed Ellie Carter, as our Summer Law Intern. She finished the first part of her dual undergraduate program at Sciences Po Paris and obtained a Bachelors of Art in Politics and Government. She will finish her undergraduate career at Columbia University. Ellie looks forward to going to law school upon graduation.


A Track Record of Success: Pastore LLC has Successfully Argued Financial Services Appeals Before Second Circuit, Third Circuit and Eighth Circuit

The Second Circuit affirmed a jury verdict obtained by Pastore in a federal securities fraud case. This concluded a contentious, multi-year litigation, defeating claims of fraudulent inducement and securities fraud brought against two hedge fund executives by a billionaire family office special purpose investment vehicle. The billionaire family office, the heirs to and founders of a well-known apparel store, had invested in the fund’s General Partner limited liability company.


Pastore LLC also won a complex securities and M&A appeal taken to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit arising from a derivative rights holder agreement and related investment banking engagement agreements. This matter was an appeal filed by Plaintiff-Appellant after Pastore LLC successfully defended this case in the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska.


Pastore LLC also represented a large national investment bank at the Third Circuit in a matter arising from a dispute over a $650 million financing. Pastore LLC had previously defeated White & Case in the DE Bankruptcy Court.

Pastore LLC Counsel in Large SDNY Bankruptcy Case Involving Multi-Billion Dollar Development, the Largest in Westchester County History

Pastore LLC has been tapped as counsel in two related bankruptcy matters in the Southern District of New York (formerly presided over by Judge Drain, who also presided over the Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy). The first matter involved a residential development in Bronxville, New York that is the most expensive per square foot development in Westchester. The second matter involves a multi-billion commercial real estate project. Pastore LLC represents a large creditor and owner of the construction management company for both projects. Damages and claims by Pastore LLC’s client exceed $300 million.



Pastore represents founder of only Private Mountain Ski Club on the East Coast in Federal Court Settlement

Pastore LLC represented the founder of the only Private Mountain Ski Club on the East Coast in connection with a dispute in Federal Court.  The Club, which is the East Coast version of the Yellowstone Club, is located in southern Vermont.    The dispute centered around UCC Article 9 and the complex assignment of interests in a LLC under Connecticut law.   The founder had an economic interest in a Limited Liability Company, which had an economic interest in a $11M 6 pack bubble chair, and the founder assigned that interest to a GRAT Trust.   As part of the settlement, the GRAT Trust will receive a distribution from the Limited Liability Company.   Monies will also flow to a former club employee and real estate developers.



Pastore Alum Susan Bysiewicz Sworn in for Second Term as Connecticut LT. Governor

Susan Bysiewicz, the former Secretary of State for the state of Connecticut, was a partner with Pastore (then Pastore & Dailey) for several years, running the firm’s office in Glastonbury, CT. She left to run for Governor, and has been elected now to her second term as Lt. Governor. While at the Firm, Ms. Bysiewicz worked on corporate, banking and election law matters. A graduate of Yale University and Duke Law School, Ms. Bysiewicz serves with Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont.

Pastore Overcomes Summary Judgment Motion in Multi-Million Dollar Greenwich Hedge Fund Dispute

Earlier this month, Pastore successfully defended former hedge fund manager’s claims of unfair trade practices against investment vehicles established by heirs to a multi-billion dollar national retail company. Hon. Sheila Ozalis, presiding over the Stamford, CT Complex Litigation Docket, held that genuine issues of material fact exist as to whether defendants’ conduct was unfair and/or deceptive in a manner violating the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Statute.  Accordingly, plaintiff’s claims, which related to the unfair attempt to deflect an investment commitment from one of world’s largest hedge funds to a potentially competing fund, will proceed to trial.

Pastore Negotiates Top Executive’s Separation from Publically Traded Boston Based Bio Tech Company

Pastore LLC successfully negotiated the separation of C-suite executive from a publically traded Boston based bio-tech company. Key issues involved the vesting of stock options and related plan documents, adherence to Rule 144 in the disposition of stock and the scope of non-competition agreements under Delaware law.

Pastore Defeats Motion to Compel Arbitration

In a decision issued November 9, 2022, the Connecticut Superior Court upheld Pastore’s position against a nationally recognized broker-dealer, holding that a FINRA arbitration provision agreed to by one’s parent does not bind a person that seeks to invalidate that very agreement. As the Court stated, plaintiff’s claims “are personal to her based on alleged tortious and illegal conduct directed toward harming her as a putative beneficiary, not her mother’s interests as the account holder.” The decision strengthens Connecticut’s strong policy against enforcing arbitration agreements against those who have not themselves agreed to arbitrate disputes.

Pastore regularly enforces and defends FINRA arbitration provisions, and is familiar with the intricacies of compelling parties to arbitrate disputes when they have so agreed.

Pastore’s Managing Partner Leads Discussion with Congressman Jim Himes

On September 23, the Connecticut Crypto Forum (the “Forum”) held an event at the University of Connecticut at Stamford. The Forum connects large and sophisticated capital pools with leading players and thinkers across the crypto, defi and Web 3.0 markets to strengthen investor knowledge, understanding and skill. Pastore LLC is proudly a Founder and Sponsor of the Connecticut Crypto Forum. The Forum’s September 23 event was an invite-only session.

In the first half of the event, a panel of speakers discussed the current maturity of the crypto and blockchain markets.  The panel addressed the current challenges facing the evolving asset class and concluded that crypto/blockchain assets are still “metaphorically” in their teenage years. The asset class still is characterized by volatility. Moreover, the panelists noted the time of hyper valuation of projects in the industry is over. What follows now is a time of acquisitions. Many companies and projects will likely fail, but the ones with worthwhile technology that lack sufficient cashflows to continue operation will likely be consolidated within larger players and ultimately be poised to make the industry more efficient. However, the panelists agreed that the industry’s best days are ahead of it.

During the second half of the event, Pastore LLC’s Managing Partner, Christopher Kelly, led a discussion with Congressman Jim Himes, an emerging leader in the crypto/blockchain industry on Capitol Hill. Congressman Himes noted the significant attention that crypto and blockchain assets have received in Congress. He noted that he is working with other members of Congress on legislation concerning the industry.

When a member of the crowd asked what should businesses do considering the lack of legal and regulatory clarity surrounding crypto assets, Mr. Kelly gave a poignant response: Don’t be afraid, be transparent and work with counsel to navigate the murky regulatory waters. Pastore, as a thought leader in the field, is positioned to help businesses and individuals plan a path forward despite the uncertainty.