Pastore & Dailey Retained by International Fashion Retailer on Large Trademark Action

Pastore & Dailey has filed a broad trademark action in Federal Court seeking to enforce the intellectual property rights of one of the best know fashion designers in world against alleged infringers of its trademarks. The action has received substantial press coverage.

Pastore & Dailey Successfully Counters Motion to Set Aside Judgement

In February 2016, Pastore & Dailey successfully secured a permanent injunction against Defendant Felder for infringement of Van De Velde’s “PRIMADONNA”  trademark via a default judgment. Van De Velde is a global retailer of luxury clothing with its headquarters in Belgium. The dispute, which occurred in the Southern District of Florida, resulted in the award of attorneys fees and costs to Van De Velde.

However, on September 29, 2017, more than a year after the judgment, Defendant Felder moved to set aside the default judgment. Pastore & Dailey countered Defendant’s motion as untimely. On March 12, 2018, the Southern District of Florida issued its decision on the motions denying Defendant’s motion to set aside the default judgment and reinforcing the award to Van De Velde. This victory was a collaborative effort between the attorneys at Pastore & Dailey.