Pastore Wins Jury Trial for Hedge Fund Executives in Multimillion-dollar Securities Fraud Case Brought by Billionaire Family Office

Pastore & Dailey successfully concluded a contentious, multi-year litigation, defeating claims of fraudulent inducement and securities fraud brought against two hedge fund executives by a billionaire family office special purpose investment vehicle. The billionaire family office, the heirs to and founders of a well-known apparel store, had invested in the fund’s General Partner limited liability company.

In 2018, The United States District Court for the District of Connecticut granted a summary judgment in favor of the defendants. The summary judgment was subsequently appealed up to the United States Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, before being remanded back to, and concluding with, a jury trial in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut in New Haven, Connecticut. Pastore & Dailey was hired for the trial. After two weeks of evidence and 7 hours of jury deliberation, Pastore & Dailey was able to secure a favorable jury verdict for the clients.

Pastore Successfully Obtains a Dismissal of a Large Investment Bank Case in Delaware District Court

Pastore & Dailey won a complex securities and M&A action in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware arising from a derivative rights holder agreement and related investment banking engagement agreements. This is the latest iteration in the saga between the Defendant, Pastore & Dailey’s client, and the Plaintiff, a representative of the shareholders to a company seeking to invalidate investment banking fees owed following a series of complex insurance corporate mergers.

After Pastore & Dailey successfully defended its client in the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska and then successfully defended its client in the appeal before the Eight Circuit that followed the District of Nebraska decision, its Motion to Dismiss was granted in the District of Delaware. In its Memorandum Opinion, the District Court agreed that Plaintiff’s claims were batted by the doctrine of res judicata and that the Plaintiff lacked standing to assert its claims.

Pastore & Dailey attorneys have vast experience arguing and defending matters in various federal courts across the country and are well-situated to handle similar claims involving complex contractual and investment banking issues.

Pastore Obtains an Injunction Requiring Return of PPP Funds in National Matter

Pastore & Dailey successfully represented its client, a Registered Investment Adviser, in a preliminary injunction hearing against a national bank on an issue regarding a Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loan. The hearing was held virtually in the Supreme Court of New York. The bank had taken out PPP loan money from Pastore & Dailey’s client’s account and provided default notices to the client. Pastore & Dailey filed for injunction on behalf of its client and the Court agreed with Pastore & Dailey that the bank had interfered with its client’s ability to apply for forgiveness. The Court directed the bank to put the money in an escrow account and allow the client’s application for forgiveness to proceed through the proper channels. If the loan is forgiven, the money will be released to its client.

Pastore Defeats Another Billionaire Motion to Dismiss

Pastore & Dailey successfully defeated a Motion to Dismiss in a case against a billionaire and an AM Law 200 firm in a case in front of the Complex Litigation Docket in Stamford. The case involves complex direct and derivative shareholder claims in which the claim for damages is more than $65 million. Pastore & Dailey’s client is one of the shareholders of a two-shareholder company and defendant billionaire is the other shareholder. The Motion to Dismiss sought to dismiss certain counts of the complaint for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. The Court, however, agreed with Pastore & Dailey’s contention that a shareholder in a two-shareholder action can bring a derivative action against the other shareholder and denied the Motion to Dismiss.

Private-Equity Firm Manaer Prevails in Federal District Court Against the Milstein Family

Private- equity firm manager Dean Barr, along with his attorneys at Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP, successfully defended claims brought against him by the Milstein Family, the founders of Burlington Coat Factory and investors in Mr. Barr’s firm. The Milsteins had invested several millions of dollars in the fund before its ultimate decline, and claimed that the risks associated with the investment were misrepresented to them. The Connecticut District Court disagreed, and ultimately found that the Milsteins were sophisticated investors, were aware of the risks related to their investment and dismissed the claims brought against Dean Barr. Mr. Barr has retained Pastore & Dailey to bring claims of his own in Connecticut State Court against the Milsteins as well as his former partners.

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