Pastore LLC Counsel in Large Bankruptcy Case Involving High End Westchester Development

Pastore LLC has been tapped as counsel in two related bankruptcy matters in the Southern District of New York (presided over by Judge Drain, who is also presiding over the Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy). The first matter involved a residential development in Bronxville, New York that is the most expensive per square foot development in Westchester. The second matter involves the related construction management company. Pastore LLC represents a large creditor and owner of the construction management company.

Pastore & Dailey Client Gains National Recognition for Co-Working Venture

Pastore & Dailey Client, and former WeWork Executive, Frank Bistrian has gained national recognition by the Wall Street Journal for his new Co-Working venture Network Group LLC.


See Cat Zakrzewski, Former WeWork Executive Launches a Co-Working Company of His Own, Wall Street Journal (Feb. 22, 2018).