In a recent decision, handed down on October 10, 2012, the U.S. District Court of Connecticut denied a motion to vacate a judgment, which judgment was initially entered in our client’s favor in April 2010.  The lawsuit was originally filed by our client in the U.S. District Court of Connecticut in 2006.  After the defendant failed to appear and after a hearing in damages, the Court finally entered the judgment in 2010.  We then successfully registered the judgment in the District of Massachusetts (in an effort to collect on the judgment via seizure or property and assets).  Subsequently, the defendant sprang to life and filed motions to vacate the judgments in both the District Court of Connecticut and the District Court of Massachusetts.  Because the District of Connecticut was the original court, Massachusetts deferred taking action until the District Court of Connecticut rendered its decision.  The District Court of Connecticut ordered discovery and ultimately, a hearing on the merits.  After discovery closed and on the eve of the hearing, we filed a motion to compel the production of certain documents and information due to the defendant’s evasiveness throughout the discovery process.  The Court ultimately granted the motion to compel in full and awarded all attorneys’ fees in preparing and filing the motion.  After the hearing, Judge Donna Martinez denied defendant’s motion to vacate, giving our client yet another victory in the years long legal battle to recover monies rightfully owed to it.

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