Pastore & Dailey is proud to announce that Dan M. Smolnik, Special Counsel at Pastore & Dailey, has been asked to present his views on recent developments in Tax Law at the June 12, 2017 Annual Meeting of the Connecticut Bar Association. Mr. Smolnik will be addressing two new developments:

  1. The new rules on self-employment tax affecting tiered partnerships; and
  2. The new rules regarding disguised sales and how these rules now affect a much broader array of transactions than before.

In particular, he expects the new disguised sales rules will affect virtually all partnerships going forward. Mr. Smolnik has practiced in the areas of tax, business transactions, and tax-exempt organizations for almost 30 years and has helped numerous organizations thrive while meeting their responsibilities and opportunities with tax and business law. He has extensive experience representing insurance companies, banks, and international corporations in tax, regulations and organizational law issues.

More information: Two New Tax Rules That Affects Partnerships, LLCs and Other Pass-through Entities (pdf) by Dan M. Smolnik

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